If you’re interested in joining an early-stage startup, you’ll have an interview with the leadership team first, and to make the right decision, you need to interview the company as well.

A founder is always excited and believes in their idea. This can (and should) be contagious, but before jumping into things, you have to think through everything rationally.

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Is the idea worth pursuing?

Before asking these questions, do your research. If there’s already public information about the company, read everything you can find. Do market research to find a need and competitors. How successful are they? How big are…

This CBINSIGHTS Article highlights the failure to hire the right team as the third most common reason startups fail.

Let’s discuss some of the most common mistakes first-time founders make before giving offers or dishing out equity.

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Not Knowing Who You Need. You have to analyze the market first and see if you really need to hire someone right now. Carefully think through candidates’ responsibilities, skills, and tasks not only for tomorrow but at least six months ahead. You can say, “I just need a good designer or engineer,” but you need to think through all their responsibilities and the…

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A former Navy SEAL discusses his leap to the tech industry and how companies benefit from veterans’ experience

Zach Marshall is Head of Business Development at Accrete, a hot New York City AI startup. Prior to this, he was a decorated U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper and Freefall Jumpmaster before transitioning into leadership as a U.S. Navy SEAL Division Director. During his military career, he and his platoon received two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals along with an Army Commendation Medal and Combat Action Ribbon for service performed in Afghanistan. …

Some of the greatest gifts that I have received from the universe are my mentors.

One of them, Joseph Yeh once shared:

There are 4 Types of Career Mentors:

“Peer” — experts in similar roles who provide personal support & recommend your work

“Devil’s Advocate” — industry professionals that you respect & who challenge you to be great

“Godfather/Godmother” — hiring managers/recruiters who advocate for your career

“Life Coach” — partners that hold you accountable for work/life balance

Why do people become mentors?

At some point in their lives, people understand that they have enough knowledge and experience to share…

Olga Grynenko is a software engineer for Grammarly, a Silicon Valley company known for its AI-powered writing tool. Grammarly announced that it reached unicorn status this past October. Here we catch up with Olga — who’s a Ukrainian expat as well as a passionate runner and cyclist — to find out how she made it in the industry and where she finds her inspiration.

Grammarly is now considered a unicorn. Congrats on the very exciting news! How do you feel being a part of such a successful and useful product?

Thank you! There is something magical about writing colorful lines…

Kasia Sitkiewicz, Senior Product Manager, Github

Kasia Sitkiewicz shares her advice on how to start a new career, overcome fears and become a successful Product Manager in Tech Industry.

  • Kasia, you relocated to the United States from Poland. How long have you been here?

It’s been over 11 years since I emigrated from Poland to California. In 2008, I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and moved to California to start a new chapter in my life. Right away I was fascinated with the culture and progress of this country. I felt like it was the perfect place for me. …

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How common is this scenario: there’s a company you like and dream about working for; finally they post a job that matches your experience and skills, but you would never apply, because, well, there are millions of reasons why you’re not good enough.

If you ever felt this way, this article might empower you to go after the next opportunity.

Imposter syndrome is more common for women and especially women of color, but it’s an invisible disease that affects both men and women.

Our fears prevent us from growing and achieving, taking life-time chances and even being happy.

Very often…

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Silicon Valley is a honey pot and hive for brilliant and hard-working bees from all over the world. For many IT professionals, it’s a dream to get an offer with relocation to the San Francisco Bay Area, but what about their partners and spouses?

Usually, those who have a “supporting visa” have had to leave their careers back home to start a new life in a new country. For many people, it might be very frustrating and even cause depression. …

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Welcome to 2019 — the new year of diversity. We’ve been through a lot last year and thanks to many events and movements, women today are less afraid to speak up, raise their voices and ask questions.

As a recruiter, I go through a dozen profiles and talk to different candidates daily, and very often I am asked:

  • What percentage of employees are female?
  • What percentage of women are senior?
  • What is the maternity/paternity leave policy in your company?
  • What are the extra benefits, like daycare compensation?
  • I have kids and might need some days off or to be able…

Iryna Nevozhai

Founder at Equally Talent, Inc. (www.equallyhr.com)

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